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Travelling with a physical challenge or with someone who has specific conditions or needs? ARA Tours selects the suppliers who have really been concerned to provide high quality services for people with physical challenges and their companions among the great touristic offer that Costa Rica possesses. In our office we have specialized people in the subject who will carefully elaborate your itinerary proposals and maintain specific contacts in the guild of specialized attention. Costa Rica’s natural treasures are for everyone! Check out our itinerary proposals and we will be glad to help you with what you need.

Barrier Free Travel Tour



Right after the immigration office a representative of CANATUR will be waiting for you. He is going to bring you through the baggage claim and customs to the exit of the airport and hand you over to your airport guide. Afterwards transfer to the hotel where you will be accommodated into your room.


The transfer to the hotel will be operated with a specially customized. The hotel has 4 Montaña rooms which are equipped for wheelchair user.


Today the program starts with you relaxing and acclimatizing. The hotel offers a big garden where beautiful flowers and plants can be spotted. In case you are ready to start right on the first day, todays optional activities for you could be:

  • City tour visiting the Gold Museum, National Theater and National Museum
  • Drive to the Irazú Volcano
  • Visit of the Botanic Garden of Else Kienzler
  • Visit of the Zoo Ave in Alajuela
  • Half day trip to Sarchí


The visits of the listed activities above can also be done by wheelchair user.


In the morning you will visit the coffee plantain of Doka Estate. Here you will participate at a coffee tour and learn the production techniques which were given from generation to generation in order to produce one of the best coffee roasts of Costa Rica and in the world. The special diligence in cultivation and the specific attention while harvesting and roasting the golden bean will be explained to you and of course you might also taste from the aromatic finished product! Later on you will go on to the La Paz Waterfall Gardens where a tasty lunch will be waiting for you. This tropical zoological garden will give you a close look up at very rarely seen animal species of the country: look out in the trees and the underwood for the hidden birds in the big aviary, get to know a close look up at the blue shimmery Morph and observe the monkeys and big cats. Followed by the drive back to the hotel.


At the La Paz Waterfall Gardens the round tour will be slightly limited. But for sure the visit of the hummingbird garden, some animal parks and the garden facility will be possible to do.


Early in the morning you will be picked up in San José. Driving through the Braulio Carrillo National Park you will gaze at the dense, tropical vegetation just before a tasty breakfast will be served to you. During the drive on you will pass numerous banana plantations, while in the meantime information about its packaging and the export of this fruit will be provided to you. Right afterwards you will get into a boat taking you to your lodge in the jungle driving through the impressive water channels of Tortuguero. Once you arrive, a welcome cocktail will be served following you feasting at the lunch buffet. In the afternoon you will have the chance to visit the Tortuguero town to know the day by day of the people of this little community. Returning to the lodge and dinner.


In Pavona / Caño Blanco wheelchair user will have to interact with the locals while being lifted into the boat for further transportation and the upcoming boat tour.

Day 5 Tortuguero / Nationalpark

Early in the morning you will enjoy a boat tour through the channels of the Tortuguero National Park which is an excellent opportunity to observe the numerous bird and animal species of this area. Before and after lunch, which will be served at the lodge, you can enjoy the nice garden and swimming pool.

In the afternoon another boat tour through the channels is planned. Returning to the lodge you have time at your disposal.

Day 6 Tortuguero - Puerto Viejo de Sarapiqui

After a delicious breakfast your return journey will begin in a boat to Caño Blanco/La Pavona, where you will transfer to your vehicle. After approximately one hour you will arrive at the restaurant in Guápiles, where you eat lunch. Here you say goodbye to the group and the trip continues with a rental car with your guide towards Puerto Viejo de Sarapiqui.


During this interesting tour you learn about the traditional production process of chocolate! Cocoa, the legendary fruit of Central America, is not just only a historical currency of great historic signification, but meant to the Maya and Aztecs and many other central American cultures one of the most important products there was. At the beginning of the tour you will start with a short walk through the former cocoa plantation which is located in one part of the Tirimbina forest. A long time ago here the cocoa was grown in the traditional way, with cocoa trees growing in the forest surrounded by other species of trees. En route you will receive a lot of interesting information about the history of cocoa trees nature and culture. Arriving at your destination you will be able to follow the real technical process out of which the cocoa fruit will become chocolate meanwhile you will be told about pre- and post-colonial chocolate. And of course the practical part will not be forgotten and you can taste different types of traditional made chocolate yourself!


The participant of the chocolate tour can be guided through the paths of the property, enjoying the lush vegetation offered by the place, towards the “Rancho”, where the tour will take place. The nature path to the “Rancho”, where the demonstration will take place, will guide through the facility of the Tirimbina Lodge and is well reachable.


Today your drive continues to one of the most famous destinations of this country – the Arenal Volcano. This cone-shaped colossus counted a few years ago as one of the most active ones worldwide, but is now in recovery without any lava bursts since many years ago. Nevertheless it is an impressive act to see smother coming out of its crater while deep inside it mumbles – in case you are lucky.

After your arrival you will have the possibility to relax in the hotel own thermal bath pool.


Today you will get in contact with the native community and learn about the everyday of the surrounding village. In one of the nearby elementary schools a school group clothed in the traditional costume of Costa Rica is impatiently and with excitement waiting for you. The children studied some of the traditional dances which they would like to show you. Let them infect you with their happiness and get carried away by it. After visiting the school you will continue the journey with a tractor on a roofed trailer to La Casona Los Rodriguez, a known historic manor house close to La Fortuna. While having a typical welcome drink you will learn about the history of the house, its former owner and the lifestyle by that time. Concluding the tour you will get to know the farm and see a lot of interesting facts about ecological growing. Back at the house you will try tasteful fruits and seasonal products and also learn how a delicious cup of coffee will be brewed in its very old former way as well as how a delicious fresh tortilla (corn pancake) is made. While lunch is prepared you will visit the »Trapiche«, a traditional sugar cane mill where you will see how a hundred years ago a sugar cane was prepared. Ultimately you will enjoy the served lunch prepared in a wood stove and served traditionally on a banana leave

Later on return to the hotel.


Today you will discover the treetops from a very special perspective. First you will do a tour through the park and at the end you will cross the big hanging bridge named “El Tolomuco”. For sure you will be able to observe birds, sometimes even monkeys, koatis and sloths. Afterwards you will have some time to spend in the garden “Rufous” and enjoy the silence surrounding you, the nature as well as the view at the volcano.

The following are possibilities for optional activities:

  • Canopy tour
  • horseback riding


Please ask for which activity/ tour is best suited for special needs.


The visit of the Mystico Park can also be done by wheelchair user. On spot scooter can be rented against charge for driving on some of the included hanging bridges of the reserve.


After breakfast your drive will take you to a very special clime. The location of Santa Elena is 1.400 meter above sea level and the climatic distinction will not only become apparent in vegetation and fauna, but also in the temperature, so please take a jacket or pullover with you for the evening.

Here you can relax at the fresh mountain air and relish the unique setting of the cloud forest. Enjoy the rest of the day with the beauty of doing nothing or go to get to know the village of Santa Elena.


Today in the morning you will be floating in gondolas over the terrific rain forest of the reserve. Arriving the highest point of the reserve, you will be able to enjoy the unique nature on a plattform before going back also on a gondola. Followed by the drive back to the hotel.

The following are possibilities for optional activities:

  • Visit of the Snake Museum
  • Visit of the butterfly or hummingbird garden
  • Canopy tour
  • hike over the hanging bridges


Please ask for which activity/ tour is best suited for special needs.


The included visit of the Sky Tam can also be done by wheelchair user without any problems.


After breakfast you drive back to San José. In case you have more time on your hand, you can also connect your stay by spending the following days at the beach.


You will be picked up at the hotel and brought to the airport on time.

Included today



A special vehicle was calculated for this offer. As soon as the travel dates will be on hand, this vehicle should be blocked right away since there are no more similar ones. When the blocking is confirmed, this vehicle will be guaranteed up to 60 days before arrival!

At the moment of the reservation we will be sending a form which needs to be filled out and sent back to us. On this form details like these will be asked:

  • model of the wheelchair, hight, wheight etc.
  • degree of the participants limitation

Furthermore we want to indicate explicitly that:

  • in case of emergency or under specific external circumstances the guests will have to interact with strangers (for example: to lift up, change seat etc.)
  • the guests should travel with their needed medication. Costa Rica has a lot of pharmacies and clinics, but it is not guaranteed that there handle the same medication as in Switzerland.
  • please take your own individual aids with you, for example: wheelchair, walking stick, walking frame etc.

Our guides are no doctors! Nevertheless all of them have a good training in first aid (CPR) and are visiting continuously upgrade training courses.

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