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Nicaragua offers many activities to enjoy.

Main activities of Nicaragua

There is a variety of activities you can choose to do in Nicaragua besides relaxing at the beach, enjoying Nicaragua culture and wildlife.
The most popular ones are:
  • Adventure Travel
  • Hoserback Riding
  • Kayaking Boating
  • Mombacho Canopy Tours
  • Scuba Dibing
  • Surfing
  • Trekking
  • Volcano Climbing
These are just few exiting activities you can do in Nicaragua and are awaiting for you. Call us and we can offer a customized travel package with our best deals including some of these unforgettable experiences.

Night Life

Nicaragua’s nightlife options change from city to city and it all depends on where you go and who you know. There are a variety of options available and what you choose will generally depend on your taste in entertainment. Some cities have a thriving disco and club scene whilst others feature theatrical performances and picturesque restaurant dining.

Cities with the best night life

History of Nicaragua

Granada is a popular choice with tourists due to its architectural heritage. If you visit this town, you will find that there is quite an active nightlife near the end of ‘La Calzada’ Avenue by the shore of Lake Nicaragua.

Managua may not be the ideal for club-seeking younger adventurers, but it does offer those with a taste for culture two fine options. The first can be found right near the city centre in one of the original, undamaged buildings called the "Fine Arts Palace".

Rivas has several fine restaurants that make for a great evening out. If you want to enjoy some music, there is a local disco.

Food & Living in Nicaragua

The Nicaraguan culinary art dates back to the pre-Colombian times, as you can tell by the names of the most known plates. Back then, during colonial times, the peculiar, creative, and varied Creole menu was the result of the union of these two races. In this type of food, ranging from soups and meats to a diversity of sweets, interesting ingredients are used.


History of Nicaragua

There are a lot traditional Nicaraguan dishes. Each region, according to geographical and cultural characteristics, produced various dishes, drinks, and sweets. Throughout the years, those dishes became known in the whole country.

Nicaraguan cuisine reflects a mix of the country’s history, combining influences from its indigenous people, Creole cuisine, and Spanish influences from early colonial settlers. On the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua and the Corn Islands, for instance, visitors will find regional specialties highlighting fresh seafood or coconut – coconut bread is a specialty in the Corn Islands or rondon, a fish and coconut stew.

One of the most fundamental components of Nicaraguan cousine is corn. It has long been used by the indigenous tribes who lived in the area and is still every bit as popular today. It permeates all aspects of cuisine in Nicaragua and you will find it in the most unexpected places. Corn is used to make drinks such as Chicha and Pinol. It is also used in the Nacatamal, Indio Viejo and Sopa de Albondiga dishes that are commonly served as a main meal. Popular sweets featuring this dynamic vegetable include Atolillo and Perrereque.

However there is much more to be found in Nicaraguan cuisine than just corn. A largely tropical country, there is a wealth of fruits to be found that are used widely in the kitchen. Nicaragua’s diverse climate conditions produce a wide range of fruits and vegetables unique to the region. While in Nicaragua, your clients can sample exotic produce they may have never tried before, such as sapote, a fruit with red or orange pulp that is very soft and sweet; jocote, a small fruit with juicy and acidic flesh that can be eaten fresh (ripe or unripe), squeezed for juice or preserved; and or culantro, a pungent herb similar to cilantro.

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