ARA Tours considers our environmental impact, from now and in the future, and takes steps to reduce the use of resources in order to reduce unwanted impact on our operations and service providers.

Know our Commitment

As part of this policy, we´ve made a good practice manual which has been developed in the office, which includes a series of recommendations and implementations in some areas, such as waste management, use of power, management and consumption of water and use of material resources.

In addition ARA Tours is fully committed with important national laws and frequently we inform our compliance to our staff and clients:

In addition, our guides and drivers are properly aware of good practices during passenger care, for which the company has developed the best practices guide for guides and drivers.

We are aware that our actions have an impact, both on the environment and on those we relate to. Therefore, in order to improve our environmental, social and economic performance, we have implemented the necessary mechanisms in Sustainable Management, which are being reviewed periodically.

With this we aim to: Adopt the necessary measures to avoid or minimize the environmental and social impacts of our activities that are negative. Manage the organization in a sustainable way, so that it is respectful both with humans and with the environment.

Environmental tips

Respect Nature

  • Follow the instructions of the park rangers.
  • Refrain from smoking in nature.
  • Do not leave the designated hiking trails.
  • Do not talk too loudly.
  • This makes it easier to spot some wild animals.
  • Do not use the flash on your camera when taking pictures of animals.
  • Do not touch or feed wild animals.
  • Do not touch plants as they might be poisonous.
  • Do not take plants, rocks or corals with you

En route and in your hotel

  • If possible, avoid plastic packaging.
  • Prefer local products.
  • Separate your garbage during your travels.
  • Use water and energy consciously.
  • Reuse towels in your hotel.
  • Turn off the light, fan, and the air-conditioning when leaving your room.
  • Follow the eco-tips in each hotel

Drive responsibly

  • Keep the speed limit.
  • Start your car only when you are really ready to go.
  • Use the air-conditioning as little as possible.

Back home

  • Find ways to act more eco-friendly in your home.
  • Look for ecological projects in your area and support these.
  • Inspire other people to think and act green.

Code of Conduct

ARA Tours has signed an Internal Code of Conduct for the protection of children and adolescents against commercial sexual exploitation in travel and tourism since 2005 to date.

This Code confirms ARA Tours´ commitment protecting Costa Rican children. It implies supporting the initiatives that are developed in order to support this program, as well as collaborate in the prevention of the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents, through a firm attitude of rejection before any action that promotes it.

Our team fully supports this initiative. Each and every one of us remain vigilant to avoid actions aimed at affecting minors.

We inform our clients about this program and our commitment through our tour guides.

In addition our business partners are aware of our commitment and we are pleased to know that more and more allies choose to protect the future of this country, with this type of initiatives.

For more information:

ARA Tours a company Carbon Neutrality Plus

24 years ago, the United Nations has created the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change which aims to ensure a global response to the impacts of climate change. One of the most relevant meetings, since the creation of the convention, was the COP21 meeting held in Paris since 2015 where 197 countries agreed on the goals that each country must do to fight against climate change.

One of the main agreements contemplated in the meeting is to limit the increase in global temperature to 2°C or less by decreasing GHG (Greenhouse Gases). Hence, each member country must have a working strategy in order to achieve this objective.

Costa Rica does not fall behind and develops its Country Carbon Neutrality Program which main objective is to provide a mechanism to recognize the proper management of greenhouse gas emissions to public and private organizations, in order to support country´s climate action commitments.

To fight against climate change effects, requires a commitment from different society sectors, so organizations will need to improve their competitiveness while making a commitment to their environmental performance. Regarding this aspect, organizations should have to measure, reduce and compensate their GHG emissions year-over-year.

For this reason, ARA Tours has committed to the program, and in its second year of certification, on August 28th we obtained the verification by INTECO (Institute of Technical Standards of Costa Rica), in which it recognizes us as a Carbon Neutrality Plus company at its highest level, complying the parameters established by the Country Carbon Neutrality Program.

This recognition is granted to companies that, in addition to accomplish the requirements of the program, have not only accounted for zero emissions, but go further reducing emissions and supporting other actors economically, with training or exceeding their particular burden of responsibility.

To qualify for this recognition, ARA Tours managed to compensate an additional 23% of its CO2 footprint, promoted to make its suppliers part of the PPCN Neutral Carbon Country Program and supported schools to join the Neutrality Carbon Program.

ARA Tours is committed to have environmental policies and to align its objective to the country´s sustainable and responsible tourism goals.

For more information about the program, click here.

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