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About us?

ARA Tours was founded in 1993 by Swiss partners. We are a leading DMC that guarantees high quality standards and who specializes in original and sustainable travel solutions for individual visitors, small groups and incentive trips, both in Costa Rica and in neighboring countries such as Nicaragua and Panama. We offer support 24 hours, 7 days a week. We have the maximum degree of sustainability granted by the Costa Rican Tourist Board, and proudly Carbon Neutral awarded by Earth University on November 2nd, 2018. ARA Tours even has strategic alliances with carriers and our polyglot team offers fast and accurate responses to quotes and full support. Do you want to make your dream trip come true? Contact us!

Our Strenghts (USP)

We strongly believe that tour operators and travel agencies can successfully compete against OTAs and online booking platforms if they are able to deliver destination know- how, tailor-made products, personalized service and added values. Technology speeds up processes and makes our work more efficient, but at the end of the day tourism is people business. Our business model is focusing on this needs, merging technology and personal service.

Here are our strengths

  • We are a solid and stable company, which has managed to maintain itself and assist our clients during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.
  • Our solidity allowed us to meet the financial commitments for our suppliers and collaborators.
  • We have hygiene and health protocols to ensure the health safety of our customers.
  • Liability insurance
  • Multilingual Sales Team– Assisting you with all your needs
  • Expert country and product knowledge – Directly from the destination and always up to date
  • Regular destination training – Live in your office, on fam trips or by webinar
  • Rapid response times
  • Very diverse and flexible product– You will find the right product for all type of clients
  • Specialized products for niches– Biking, hiking, golf, birding, barrier-free traveling, wellness
  • Participation in the most important Travel Trade Shows.
  • All products online oncom – Structured content such as texts, pictures, videos and rates
  • Brochure page generator on – With just a click you generate PDF brochure pages of each product with your logo
  • Online Travel Planner on – Quick quotations and generation of offers
  • Centralized, cross-country tour operating – In cooperation with our partner agencies of
  • Detailed travel documentation – online and as print version
  • High quality operating – Extra space in buses, selection of best guides, added values
  • 24/7 accessibility with extended opening hours and emergency phone line
  • Pick-up service for guests at the airport by multilingual tour guides
  • Quick and fair handling of any possible complaint right on spot
  • High customer satisfaction – 96% of our clients rate the organization of their tour good or very good
  • Certificate for Sustainable Tourism (CST), Level 5 – Your guests have a positive impact on Costa Rica’s society and environment
  • On June 29th 2020, we received the Carbon Neutrality Plus award from the Climate Change Bureau at its highest level, complying with all the parameters established by the Carbon Neutral Country Programme 2.0.


ARA Tours develops memorable and sustainable products of high quality in Costa Rica and its neighboring countries, sells them through classic or digital channels and operates tours with a high level of service and added value.


ARA Tours is recommended by all its clients as a leading incoming agency in Costa Rica, for its high quality and relevant product, helpful employees, efficient processes, reliability and sustainability.


  • Quality
  • Innovation
  • Relevance
  • Professionalism
  • Reliability
  • Respect
  • Sustainability
  • Responsibility


A retro perspective from Daniel Küng, co-owner and President of ARA Tours

We need new and innovative travel destinations for our catalog! That was the challenge I received as a product manager from my Swiss employer. During my research, Costa Rica turned up, a country that was still quite unknown at the time, but still highly praised by backpackers.

So in May 1993 I took a flight to San José to get a better idea of the country. I had already traveled to many countries around the world through my job and immediately noticed: Costa Rica is a very special country. The positive attitude towards life of the people, the unbelievable diversity of nature, the climate and above all the respect of the people for each other and for nature convinced me so much that I decided without hesitation to make Costa Rica my new home.

A former expatriate Swiss friend had just founded a travel agency called ARA Tours in San José and suggested that I, as a tourism specialist, could turn it into an incoming agency.

That sounded perfect!

Somewhat naively, I packed my bags in January 1994 and moved to Costa Rica. In the meantime, a former school colleague of mine, Roland Ayer, allied himself with us while he was traveling through Latin America. He was given the job of turning a cardboard box full of bills and receipts into decent bookkeeping. Soon after, the previous owner withdrew from the project and Roland and I began the journey to make ARA Tours a successful company.

Roland's excellent skills in finance, software programming and logistics as well as my tourism background with in-depth knowledge of the European travel industry have complemented each other perfectly from the start. We focused on quality, individual tourism, top customer service and efficient processes. The internal development of the reservation software TISP was a milestone and brought us important advantages for the efficient processing of bookings.

The timing of our start couldn't have been better. Costa Rica soon developed into an insider tip and we were allowed to actively participate in the tourist development of the destination by actively working in various organizations. It is thanks to the exemplary cooperation between the Costa Rican tourist board ICT and these private organizations that Costa Rica has always pursued a clear vision and strategy of a sustainable tourism concept and is therefore a global example of this today.

Until shortly before the turn of the millennium, we were a small company with around 10 employees. Despite the growing popularity of Costa Rica, the country remained a niche destination and our advertising budgets were very modest. So we looked for a solution to show more presence on the market and therefore founded the Latincoming Alliance (today Latinconnect) with other agencies from our neighboring countries in 1999.

Little did we know that this strategic step would be extremely important for the future. In the beginning we mainly used synergies in marketing and carried out cross-border trips. The joint activities soon resulted in more bookings. With the onset of digitization in tourism, we have long since been developing our own software and, thanks to Latinconnect, can keep pace with the rapid development.

From the turn of the millennium things went uphill and ARA Tours developed into a leading destination management company in Costa Rica with around 80 employees. Further milestones were the CST certification as a sustainable company since 2010, the achievement of climate neutrality since 2018 and the active participation in the development of new direct flights from Europe by British Airways, Edelweiss, Lufthansa, KLM and Air France. The honor of cutting the opening ribbon for Edelweiss Air's maiden flight to Zurich was a truly emotional moment!

In the meantime, great employees have developed into new managers and we have been able to distribute the responsibility on other shoulders. Today, Sandra Haun (Commercial Director), Adriana Brenes (Product & Marketing Manager), Christine Pohnitzer (Customer Experience Manager) and Patrick Di Martino (IT Director) are part of the management. At this point, a big thank you to this great team!

And then came March 2020 and the unspeakable corona crisis. From one day to the next we had to somehow bring hundreds of guests home and organize home offices for all employees. Thousands of bookings had to be canceled or rebooked. Then came this eerie calm: zero bookings, no flights in the sky, closed borders and no perspective. It became apparent that the crisis would last longer than we first hoped and that the state in Costa Rica would have no financial means for aid. So we were on our own. It was a dark time.

But thanks to a fantastic team and financial reserves, we managed this dry spell and fought our way back.

Einstein coined the following sentence: A crisis is the greatest blessing that can happen to us because it always brings progress.

With this in mind, we look forward to the future!

Daniel Küng
Co-owner of ARA Tours

Contact Information

WhatsApp: +506-8893-3863
Phone: +506-2232-0400
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Apdo 799 – 1007
San José, Costa Rica

Licenced by the Costa Rican Tourist Board: Lic ICT OT 294

Liability insurance: Instituto Costarricense de Seguros (INS) Coverage: Territory of the Republic of Costa Rica

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