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Luxury in Costa Rica

Are there luxury hotels for the high demand in Costa Rica? The answer is yes, there are! In the mountains, at the beach, at the volcanoes or in the middle of the jungle.

Costa Rica offers first-class services in unique hotels that leave nothing to be desired in different regions of the country. Relaxing, adventure, culture, gourmet food, to treat and pamper yourself, yes, all of this is possible in this little paradise.

What is offered?

Of course the corresponding hotels, but besides that, I know many different activities that, without any doubt, belong to the luxury category. So how sounds a romantic gourmet dinner at the riverside? Or a breakfast high in the trees, directly under the treetops?! A jacuzzi or pool directly in your room, just for yourself, of course. A ride on a catamaran, to watch the sunset. When someone in a hotel in the mountains brings a hot chocolate to your room. A relaxing massage after a full day of adventure, right next to the mangrove forest. Different hikes or excursions full of adrenaline with a private guide. Let a local guide show you Costa Rica, your private transfers always included.

Spend your day however you wish, be flexible. Ride down on one of the best rafting rivers in the world. A helicopter flight, to see the country from the top. Playing golf while the iguanas are watching you. A private chef shows you Latin American food. Let a chocolatier take you to the world of chocolate. A fruit or cheese plate as a welcome in your room. Watching the ocean while taking a shower. Enjoying a spectacular view from a hammock. Try different wines and enjoy a glass of your favourite wine right after it. Relaxing at the beach and having all the different amenities close to you. Free your soul at the thermal waters. The possibilities are endless.

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Actually, luxury houses are everywhere in the country. They are in San José, where you can go directly after your arrival or spend your last night before leaving the country. At the beach, mostly on the Pacific coast, but also on the Caribbean coast.

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In the mountains in the area of Perez Zeledon and Bajos del Toro. In the middle of the jungle in Pacuare, surrounded by the rainforest. You will find something in every region. Sometimes it might get difficult to connect by land with different places but a helicopter flight or a private charter flight is often the solution.

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5 Stars

This can, but not must be. 5 stars stand with no doubt for excellent luxury. But there are also some options that don’t have 5 stars but can keep up with the luxury level without any problem, because they offer something very special, like the service, the location or something else. A very exclusive lodge, where the stay becomes a unique experience that you won’t get somewhere else. When breakfast sweetens your morning, a great start to the day is secure. This is also a luxury for me.

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Popular Brands

In Costa Rica are brands that are popular in the whole world, for example, Marriott, Four Seasons, Hilton, etc. There, you know what you can expect. And then there are the hotels and lodges that are not part of the big hotels but definitely at the same level. Boutique hotels in Tico style, for sure it is worth a visit!

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Children and Luxury

Do you want the whole family to go on vacation in this special luxury environment? Of course, this is no problem. Costa Rica is a very child-friendly country. There are some hotels, that are exclusively for adults, but usually, children are welcome. Often there are special areas for the smaller guests. In the bigger hotels, there are kids clubs or nanny service, so the parents can enjoy the spas or a romantic luxury dinner without watching their children.

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Luxury in the tropics... welcome to Costa Rica! So many things are possible to make your well-deserved first-class vacation possible, which leaves nothing to be desired.

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