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La Sabana Park, free space and pure air in San José

The official name of this public space, called La Sabana Park by the Ticos, actually is Parque Metropolitano La Sabana Padre Chapuí, and has its origin in the 18th Century.

A priest, Manuel Antonio Chapuí y Torres, donated a piece of land that measures 72 hectares and should become the first international airport of Costa Rica more than 150 years later.

This imposing, beautiful and open space, is located at Mata Redonda district in the Central Canton of the Province of San José, the capital of Costa Rica. Due to its location, the park also is called the lungs of San José.

Activities and ambiance

The park is big and it offers its visitors a wide variety of activities, recreational as well as educational. Located in the northern sector of the park, you’ll find the Luis Dobles Segreda School and right beside it the Costa Rican Museum of Art. A lot of people who want to use the park for physical activities, do so on Saturday or Sunday, and early. Early to make the best out of the day, and because later on, there will be no space to park and more people around. A big part of the South of the park, where you can park your car, is getting so full that it’s getting hard to find a space at all.

You’ll find a large amount of park area where you can stretch and get started to go jogging or running on the uncountable trails. Some of them will lead you through natural tunnels, formed by trees, which is a nice thing if it’s a hot day. If you’re looking for more professional training, you could use the athletic running tracks or the swimming pool.

On the other hand, side, if you’re looking for some team sports, you can find basketball, baseball, volleyball or football fields. Come here and have a good time with your friends.

At the same time on those days, in the green fields or on the sports fields, there are activities organized for the big amounts of visitors. Those can be physical, stress-relieving or simple activities, it doesn’t matter, all of them have the aim to enjoy the park in the centre of the city. Furthermore, you can come here with your family and have a picnic. 

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It’s important to mention that the park hosts a high amount of exotic fauna that isn’t from here. In the last years, there were efforts by private and public companies to plant domestic trees. You’ll find trash cans on many different places in the park, to prevent that garbage is being thrown away carelessly, and to help recycle. All this for a clean park of national importance.

National importance

Around the park, there are different office buildings as well as the General Accounting Office, the Costa Rican energy institution, the College for Medics and Surgeons, and more high condo buildings. All that shows you the importance of this place.

Furthermore, two main events take place here, that catch the attention of more or less the whole country, both of them in the Estadio Nacional (The National Stadium). The first event is all the games of the Costa Rican football team, better known as “La Sele”. It happens that available tickets are being sold the same day they’re going on sale, on match day streets around the stadium are being closed to allow easy and comfortable access to the many visitors. The other event is the inauguration of the new president that takes place all four years. It is the highlight in the political agenda of the country and a lot of international representatives are being invited to join it.

La Sabana Park is a special place in the heart of San José. It offers old and young, locals and foreigners a healthy, clean, and natural place to enjoy their hobbies. It doesn’t matter if alone or in a group, the important thing is that we appreciate this meeting point that is for all of us.

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