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Did you know that one of the five blue zones around the world is located in Costa Rica?

Worldwide, there are only 5 areas denominated as blue zones, where above-average people get more than 100 years old. These places are not the most developed ones. There might not even be access to developed medicines or the best doctors or infrastructure, they are mostly characterized by simpleness.

Welcome to Nicoya!

One of these blue zones is located in Costa Rica on Nicoya’s Peninsula.

It has the lowest death rate of people in the middle age all around the world and the second-highest concentration of over-hundred-year-old men.



Besides the traditional Costa Rican cuisine based on tortillas, rice, beans, vegetables and meat, there are more factors influencing as p.e. a light dinner, regular outdoor exercise, physical work, a good 8-9 hours of sleep, and of course family bonding on a daily basis.

The life focus of the Nicoyaners is their family and the get-together with elder people, who are accepted in society and integrated into everyday life.

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Every morning begins with an objective - which could be family, job, sports, arts - and if a Costa Rican, so-called tico, achieves it, he is very satisfied.

The sense of humour and the pretty positive attitude gives their lives the true joy of living.


According to the happiness index of 2009, 2012 and 2016, the happiest people live in Costa Rica. This had been measured by the satisfaction of the inhabitants, life expectancy, inequality of those factors in different populations and the ecological footprint of the country.

Since 1948 the army has been suspended and the so saved expenses have been invested in the education system and health care. Also, the connected daily lifestyle with friends, family and neighbours have a hand in happiness.

Costa Rica is leading environmental protection - gasoline taxes are invested in the protection of the forests. In 2015 the country produced 99% of its energy consumption out of renewable energies. The purpose is to get fully CO2-neutral in 2050.


Adopt the recipe

The above-mentioned factors, which lead to the long life of the people in Nicoya, could be introduced into your daily lifestyle and your trip to Costa Rica.

  • Take your time in the hectic working world. Start your day with a purpose.
  • Enjoy the contact with mother nature and combine it with outdoor activities like walking, jogging, swimming or canoeing or just something that you really love to do.
  • Eat consciously and have a balanced diet!
  • Go out, meet your friends and family.
  • Choose even in your holidays a slower rhythm and specialized hotel for well-being.
  • Take a rest - maybe in the middle of the rain forest - and try to consciously smell, hear and notice the textures of these high-energy surroundings.
  • Live every day positively and intensively.
  • And just enjoy each moment - hopefully up to a high age as the Nicoyaner.

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http://happyplanetindex.org/, https://www.bluezones.com/exploration/nicoya-costa-rica/

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