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The best Chicharrones of Costa Rica

If you are wondering what the name “Chicharron” means, and are trying to even figure out how to pronounce it. Let me give you a clue: it is the most delicious piece of meat ever! A piece of heaven in your mouth. Keep reading and find out more about chicharrones here.

What are chicharrones?

I have always been a huge meat fan, this time I want to share with you my passion for the delicious “chicharrones”.

So, how about starting with: what are they? It is a traditional dish consisting of fried and very good seasoned pork meat, of course normally served with the classic and famous corn tortillas, yuca (also commonly called cassava manioc, macaxeira or mandioca, which tastes a bit like a potato but in my opinion even better) and tomato salad known in Costa Rica as “Chimichurri”. Sometimes you have the chance to buy chicharrones also in a “casado” a typical dish, compound of rice, beans, salad and some picadillo (diced and cooked vegetables). Both dishes are super yummy!

Casado with chicharron

Where to find them?

Many people are not aware of where to find the best chicharrones in the country. I must say, all over Costa Rica you will find very good spots for your “gallo de Chicharron” (when this piece of meat is eaten with a tortilla it is called “gallo”). Chicharrones are found on special occasions, family or friends’ gatherings and even at town festivities.

Eating with friends

And the best chicharrones?

In Spanish the word “gallo” also means rooster, but don’t confuse the animal with the plate. Nevertheless, the community of Puriscal (5 things to do in Puriscal) is well-known for cooking the best “Chicharron” in the country.

Recently I got the chance to go to Puriscal and spend the day there. The centre is very nice, with its emblematic monument, the church, and the stores, and I can enjoy the town feeling very well.

Please share this if you like it and let me know if you tried chicharrones and which has been your favourite place.

See you soon! I am preparing an additional blog with some other activities to do at Puriscal, besides eating chicharrones.

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Gallo Chicharon

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